Funny photos of Richardson Animal Shelter pets aim to increase adoptions

Richardson Animal Shelter is hosting a series of fun photo shoots to help increase the visibility and number of pet adoptions.

Every pet in the shelter is photographed, from cats and dogs to rabbits and hamsters, according to a city video reportage.

Photographer Katie Schmidt said she took pictures of many families and children. Photographing pets has “certain similarities,” she said in the video.

“Just give them space to be them and eventually you’ll get that chance,” Schmidt said.

Noura Jammal, animal services manager, said the program was successful.

“The photos were posted on our website, on Facebook, on PetFinder, so people are calling to ask about them,” Jammal said. “I have people from other states calling.”

She also said it was rewarding to find the right homes for the animals.

“Sometimes when you first walk into a shelter, it’s loud, loud and a bit intimidating,” said photographer Katie Schmidt. “So to be able to get a picture of this dog, away from that environment… I feel like maybe it helps a family to understand the emotions of this dog and how kind and really nice they are. kind.”

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