Full-capacity SoCal animal shelters could become more crowded after July 4

LOS ANGELES (KABC) — Would you be willing to adopt or adopt a dog starting this week? Local animal rescues say animal shelters in Los Angeles are full and they need people to respond before July 4.

Eyewitness News spoke to the non-profit Deity Animal Rescue team as they made their way to a shelter in Lancaster.

“We’re kind of working against the clock here. Especially with the 4th of July coming up soon and being a devastating day for animals with the fireworks,” said Ellen Dante, Founder and CEO of Deity Animal Rescue.

Dante said July 5 ends up being one of the biggest shelter admission days of the year. Many dogs are alarmed by holiday fireworks and jump out of windows or run away from their backyards.

“It actually impacts dogs that are already in the shelter initially because they start to make room for the influx of dogs, which means perfectly adoptable dogs are going to be euthanized,” Dante said. .

This week, Deity Animal Rescue will bring home as many dogs as possible.

In the Inland Empire, the Yucaipa Animal Placement Society is trying to place 50 puppies in new homes before the holidays.

“We know shelters are expecting a few hundred dogs between each shelter this weekend,” said Ginger Bryk, operations manager for the Yucaipa Animal Placement Society.

If you already have a furious friend at home, here are some tips to keep them safe this holiday weekend:

— Keep your doors and windows locked
— Turn on the music or TV to drown out the fireworks
— Keep them in a space where they feel safe
— Make sure they are labeled with your name and number
— Microchips

If you find a stray dog, check paws for life website to find a microchip reader near you.

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