Friends of Perry Animal Shelter sees low adoption rate

This weekend, they received more than 50 calls from people wanting to abandon their animals.

PERRY, Georgia – Friends Of The Perry Animal Shelter (FOPAS) has more animals than they can handle. The group posted on facebook saying adoptions are low, but animal numbers are at an all time high.

This weekend, they received more than 50 calls from people wanting to abandon their animals.

Director and Deputy Director say it’s upsetting – Lynne Gibbs and Amanda Johnson are at FOPAS seven days a week.

Lately they say the phones are ringing all the time.

“Unfortunately yes. I have to say ‘The Friends of Perry animal shelter is full right now, I’m sorry.’ And then they ask for more rescues and shelters and I give them as many as I can think of, but unfortunately they’re full too, ”Johnson said.

FOPAS collects some surrenders from owners, but their job is to save the animals from Perry’s Animal Control.

Gibbs says the animals are euthanized if they are not pulled by rescue or collected by their owner.

“Our animal control is in full swing right now. I think she is at full capacity. We haven’t been able to draw from them in the last two or three weeks because we’ve had so many here, ”Gibbs said.

Johnson is encouraging people to get their pets spayed and neutered – and to try all options before they surrender.

“I would ask people to try to relocate your pets yourself first. Ask your friends and family, ask them to ask their friends and family if you really can’t take care of your pet, ”Johnson said.

Johnson says people have even abandoned their pets at the front door of FOPAS. She says it hurts to refuse people, but they do all they can.

“It’s just overwhelming how many people have called. It is truly overwhelming to hear these people asking for help for these animals. And there’s nothing I can do about it, ”Johnson said.

FOPAS has more than 10 dogs and almost 30 cats ready for adoption.

“I want them to have big homes forever. And I need people to come and adopt these animals so that I can help more, ”Johnson said.

Gibbs says August is generally a slow month for adoptions, but it’s one of the lowest they’ve seen. For more information on FOPAS and how to adopt a pet,visit their website.

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