Four hospitalized, nearly 20 sick because of a freon leak at Hazlet Costco

There are four of nearly 20 hospital workers who were either unwell or fell ill after a freon leak inside the Costco on Route 35 in Hazlet Township on Thursday morning, the County Sheriff confirmed. Monmouth Shaun Golden at Townsquare Media News.

The Monmouth County Emergency Management Office received the call which led the Monmouth County EMS Task Force to respond to the scene along with 15-20 ambulances from the Bayshore area and other parts of the county. from Monmouth.

Additionally, Sheriff Golden of the Monmouth County Hazmat Team responded to the scene.

The Costco store was immediately evacuated Thursday morning.

Sheriff Golden said the four people brought to Bayshore Medical Center are stable and suffer from non-life threatening conditions, including nausea and vomiting.

A few people also had difficulty breathing.

There are currently refrigerator repair technicians on-site at Costco examining the leak.

Hazlet Township police, firefighters and first aid crews were also among those responding on Thursday morning.

“We thank all of our public security partners for their swift response to this situation and wish all affected personnel a speedy recovery,” Hazlet Police said in a statement.

Hazlet Police said Thursday morning the Costco was closed until further notice.

First responders appreciation

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