Flickertail pulling fun on the North Dakota prairie – Grand Forks Herald

In this episode of Northland Outdoors, host Chad Koel and guest Joe Klein take you to the pothole country of North Dakota’s prairies to hunt rodents.

Gophers and flickertakes, that is.

The North Dakota prairie is an awe-inspiring place of idyllic views that stretch for miles. The central part of the state with its hundreds of undeveloped lakes and rolling hills of farmland and grassland is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. Especially in the fall, when the highland bird and big game hunting seasons attract hunters from all over, but the warm, lush summer months are not without hunting opportunities.

Now, before we get too many complaints about shooting a defenseless little forbidding creature, you need to realize that these little guys are incredibly prolific. They reproduce – well, like rodents – and they are extremely destructive to pastures. Because of the thousands of holes they dig, big holes that cows and other livestock can easily get into and break a leg. Ask any breeder in the state and they’ll want to get rid of as many of these little guys as possible.

It’s just a great way to get kids drawing because it’s not a lot of work and it’s just constant fun.

Holes like this can be dangerous for livestock.

Chad Koel / Northland Outdoors

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