Find Benji, a new pet adoption community, makes adopting dogs, cats and other pets easy and fun

Find Benji, a new mobile app developed by Calibri Inc. connects with people around the world in an exclusive new pet adoption community.

Designed to keep pets out of shelters, Find Benji makes it easy to relocate and adopt pets by allowing for any new pet friend to be found. The app offers powerful features that make it easy to find dogs, cats and other pets, filter results based on location, breed, age, size and gender, browse seller profiles and certifications; and read reviews of sellers, buyers, shelters, or relief organizations. By putting a wealth of information in the palm of their hand, Find Benji allows those looking for their new pet friend to educate themselves and themselves before proceeding with the adoption process.

In addition to search, existing pet owners, shelters, and rescue organizations can list dogs, cats, or other pets for adoption on the app. Owners and organizations can go beyond geographic boundaries to connect with new adopters and facilitate adoptions using a short, universal application form that offers simplicity and detail to ensure new pets are placed in the best homes through an inclusive and transparent adoption process.

Find Benji also offers services as a marketplace for existing pet owners looking to browse the latest collections of pet supplies and local pet-friendly businesses, making it easy to find or solicit pet services. pet for free, or connect with other pet owners to share adoption tips. events, training sessions, pet products, and more.

A powerful new pet adoption tool, Find Benji is revolutionizing the pet adoption process for dogs, cats and other pets. To learn more, please visit Download the Find Benji app for free from the App Store or Google Play Store today.

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