Emotional note from farmer to dog owners after having to slaughter pregnant animals

The anonymous farmer, from Cheshire, pleaded with owners to keep their dogs on a leash in a handwritten note after they were forced to drop off their pregnant sheep.

The note was pinned to a fence by a Cheshire farm

A sheep farmer has left a heartbreaking note for dog owners after being forced to put down one of their animals.

Recent problems with puppies at the Cheshire farm forced a vet to put down one of their pregnant ewes.

The anonymous writer explained that dogs can “scare, chase and attack” sheep and urged owners to keep their pets under control.

A photograph of the handwritten message, pinned to a fence, was shared on Facebook on Friday.

He said, “We have pregnant sheep in this field.”

“We have just had a pregnant sheep dropped off by the veterinarian.

“Please keep your dogs on a leash.

“They cannot attack but can still hunt and frighten our sheep. Thank you.”

The farmer said they were forced to slaughter the sheep


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Cheshire Police said their Rural Crime Team are seeing more messages like this posted around the area.

A spokesperson said: “I’m trying to get that message across.

“Nobody wants to over-sign the campaign, but it’s really sad that we not only have official signs reminding people of their responsibilities to not commit crime, but we’re seeing more and more heartfelt messages coming out.

“Remember, your dog, your responsibility.”

Others have taken to Facebook to call for action, with one owner saying dogs recently attacked their alpaca.

“It’s an impossible situation,” they said.

The handwritten message was posted on a fence in the Cheshire countryside


Chester Chronicle)

“Just a few weeks ago our alpaca was attacked and dragged sideways around our enclosure by a Cane Corso.

“Two days ago I was driving when two women drove past the sign, which asks people to keep their dogs on a leash, off leash.

“I asked them to please put him on a leash as one of our animals had recently been attacked.

“She said she was sorry and put the dog on a leash right away, but I just don’t understand how people can see what’s going on and still don’t have their dogs on a leash.”

Other farmers took to Facebook to share their experiences of dog attacks


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Another farm worker said it’s not just dog owners, but the general public who “think they can walk wherever they want”.

“We even made them cut wires because the access gate to the pitch was padlocked,” they added.

“It’s closed for a reason. There’s no public footpath and we had cattle and bulls in the field.”

Another person commented, “It requires a change of mindset from many owners who think their dog would never do this or is too well trained.”

“All dogs can scare or worse and it’s our responsibility to make sure they don’t.”

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