Elderly husky looking for a retirement home has had no interest in months

Meet Tundra – an elderly husky who was found wandering around earlier this year and now hopes to find a home for the summer. The 12-year-old dog was taken to Manchester Dogs Home in January and has since spent 146 days in rescue after being pulled off the streets.

Rescue volunteers say he ‘waits with no interest’ despite his friendly and affectionate nature. Considered a senior, the 28kg boy is looking for a family where he can live out his golden years and relax in retirement.

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A rescue center spokesperson said: ‘Since his arrival, Tundra has proven himself to be a happy, friendly boy who loves to make a fuss. Despite his advanced age, Tundra is very active and enjoys his daily walks.

“He walks well on a leash, however, he has been known to pull, usually when puzzled by something he can see in the distance, which his new owners should be aware of.”

Tundra, 12, was brought to the rescue as she was wandering

Tundra is looking for a family that knows the Husky breed and since he prefers his own space, he will have to be the only dog ​​in the house. The charity added: ‘Tundra has encountered other dogs on his daily walks and although he has walked well with some he is not afraid to report them if they get in his way. .

“Children in the household must be over 14 and he cannot live with other animals.”

Tundra isn’t the only husky looking for a family at Manchester Dogs Home, Diesel – who we wrote about two weeks ago – is still waiting for a new owner to adopt him.

You can learn more about Tundra and apply to adopt the senior pooch here.


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