DVIDS – News – NASP Military Working Dog to Retired Military Dog

Account by Second Lieutenant Ana C. Chiu
Pensacola Naval Air Station

NAS PENSACOLA, Fla. — Meet Honorary Petty Officer 1st Class Dolar, the 4-year-old Belgian Malinois who is about to embark on a journey that many would envy…retirement.

Dolar’s military service began in 2019 when he was just a young pup. He was accepted and assigned to Lackland Air Force Base, Texas for Explosive Detection and Patrol Training School, where he underwent rigorous training to become a military working dog.

After graduating, he was assigned to Naval Air Station Pensacola. Unbeknownst to him, this is where he met his partner and adoptive owner, Master-at-Arms 2nd Class Jonathon Koop. From Carlsbad, California, Koop enlisted in 2019 and graduated at the top of his class and earned the coveted position of manager in 2020. Together they would certify as a team and ensure the safety and security of more than 20,000 military and Department of Defense personnel across four installations during their time together here.

Over the years, the team has supported many missions, including the United Nations General Assembly (New York), the Edmund Pettus Bridge March (Selma, Alabama), and the Republican National Convention (Charlotte, Carolina North) protecting individuals like President Joseph Biden, Vice President Kamila Harris, former President Donald Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence.

Koop describes the rewarding experience of being a manager for these loyal companions.

“We have the best partners you could ask for [because] you will have a partner who will entrust his life to you. This trust has been demonstrated over years of incident response.

Military working dogs are often portrayed as confident or intimidating. However, Koop describes Dolar as a happy, lucky, people-loving dog. He loves pets and hobbies as much as any adorable dog.

When a military working dog is retired from active duty, it is no longer in government custody and needs a home. Often the manager will be the first to request adoption. If the owner is unwilling or unable to adopt, the dog will be available for public adoption. Koop made the easy decision to apply to adopt Dolar when he learned of his medical retirement.

These days, Dolar fondly recalls his military service and all the adventures he has been through. Although he may miss some aspects of his job, he looks forward to a well-deserved retirement with the Koop family. You can bet her pup will appreciate the best things pet life has to offer.

“We bought him toys; probably too many toys. He is probably overwhelmed by the number of toys he has. He will chew them until he is really tired and falls asleep. Koup said.

Although Dolar is only weeks away from retirement, he has achieved a lot. His most recent hobbies are spending his days visiting the beach, running in the fields and his favorite pastime, watching golf on television. His most recent new food adventure was getting a puppy cup, a popular dog treat, for the first time. As for his future plans? Dolar will continue to explore the ins and outs of pet life and the prospect of many vacations. There is even talk of family vacations in California to see the snow. Dolar turns 5 in September, so please wish the old man a happy birthday while he enjoys the retired life.

Date taken: 25.07.2022
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