Dum Dum Youth Canine Association hosts pet show

The Dum Dum Youth Canine Association hosted a pet show earlier this year that gave the dogs a chance to get out, play and show off the skills they had honed throughout the pandemic year.

The show drew 164 attendees, some from different states. Don, a Rottweiler, and Simba, a German Shepherd, had come from Jharkhand. “Please don’t get too close!” This is Don’s first show and he’s very protective of us. He might get aggressive, ”said Amrita Deep, who had driven seven hours to get to the show.

Then there was Rambo, another Rottweiler, who “couldn’t bite”. “People are afraid of him seeing his size, but he’s gentle and loving,” said Subrata Sarkar, who had brought her dog from Howrah. “I have another Labrador at home and they are big as thieves. If I don’t serve a meal for one of them, the other refuses to eat.

Class VII student Pragya Paul couldn’t help but talk about her Lhasa Apso Disney and Pomeranian Gublu. “Gublu is the bad guy and teaches the tricks of the trade at Disney. He loves climbing on things and when I sit down for my online lessons he climbs on the table and sits on the laptop,” a- she smiles.

Disney, on the other hand, was shy. “I play the violin and every time I hit the high notes he runs and hides in his cage!” Even when guests arrive and he disappears, we know he’s retreated to his crate, ”smiled Pragya, pulling the dog into a hug.

Souryasree Chakraborty, who had come with her Cane Corso Zoe, knew all about bad dogs. “We chose this breed after some research. The internet had praised this breed in the skies, calling them loyal, strong and excellent watchdogs. The only point he forgot to mention was how mean they can get! Laughed a class VI student. “Zoe pulled out all the wires and pipes around the house.”

Containment days

There was also a Saluki, oddly named Chili. “Well, actually, its tail is shaped like the map of the South American country, Chile, so that’s what we named it,” explained Prasenjit Dey. Chile took advantage of the lockdown to the hilt, with everyone at home with them all day. “We have a huge deck for him, so he’s not locked up either,” Dey said.

Vivo, the Great Dane from Kankurgachhi, took advantage of the confinement with Vijayendra Singh and their Gray Parrot Angel. “To be honest, he’s scared of Angel,” laughed the businessman. The bird had obviously not been to the dog show but Vijayendra was also full of stories about it. “Do you think she sings Om namah Shivay?” He said proudly, as Vivo turned her massive head towards him so as not to feel left out. “I have been with Vivo throughout the pandemic and maybe I actually spoiled him,” he smiled.

Ten-year-old Debapriya Bhadra received the best possible gift during the pandemic – a Saint Bernard puppy. “Happy is barely six months old but already weighs 42 kg. He will weigh 100 kg by the time he is two years old, ”said the girl who said Happy was mean but not more than herself. “We have another dog at home – a Rottweiler named Lucky – but we didn’t have him because he would be too much to deal with. All my boredom flies out the window with these dogs around.

official word

The Best in Show awards in both rings went to Sudip Kundu’s Beagle and Goutam Giri’s Golden Retriever.

“One of the reasons our show attracted a large number of attendees was the cash prize. Besides the trophies and titles, we distributed a total of Rs 65,000 in cash prizes, ”said one of the organizers, Subhajit Chakraborty.

The other reason, he thought, was that there was no targeted show. “Not only are the dogs missing out on the action, but the trainers and handlers are also missing out on their income. Animal shows like this are trying to spin the wheels, ”Chakraborty said.

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