Duck Race 2021 … And the winner of the Toyota Tacoma is … (+ Full list)

The weather couldn’t have been better last Saturday for the 2021 Mid-Columbia Duck Race. As the excitement grows with the influx of ducks, hot dogs and other food vendors selling their wares, and activities like the cornhole are organized in the park for everyone to enjoy.

Then, just before noon, thousands upon thousands of ducks were dumped into the Columbia River. Each duck is numbered to match a ticket. Basin Disposal supplies the giant container which is lifted by a large Lampson crane. The duck that crosses the finish line first wins the grand prize, a 2021 Toyota Tacoma donated by Toyota of Tri-Cities.

But wait! There are also many other winners. Including $ 1,500 in cash, other cash prizes, gift cards and even a full kitchen. The lucky winner this year is Jennifer Musick who wore the floating duck number 5 9 6 1 9 9 2. For a complete list of all winners, click on HERE.

Over 18,000 tickets were sold this year and the proceeds will be distributed among six rotating clubs in the Tri-Cities region. Each club chooses which charities they wish to support throughout the year until the next duck race.

Once the race is over and the winners are chosen, thousands of ducks are removed from the Columbia River and placed in containers where they will be shipped to the next duck race. Duck races like this take place in cities across the country!

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