Dogs looking for homes at Salisbury Dogs Trust

Dexter, a ten-year-old terrier, is a bright older guy who is looking for owners to help him learn new skills as part of his training program with the help of the Dogs Trust trainers.

He is looking for a quiet home with an adult owner and minimal visitors and no visiting children.

Dexter will need his own secure garden and the house must not be open.


Bentley is a three-year-old Cane Corso with so much love to give and the most goofy personality.

He is anxious and therefore needs a patient and understanding new owner who is willing to keep pace with Bentley while building his confidence.

They will also need to be able to handle Bentley on drives as he is strong in the lead.

Bentley is looking for a home with its own large, secure garden to play and relax. He hopes for a house in a rural area with minimal visitors.

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Terrier cross Murphy is seven years old and has energy balls.

He is a very enthusiastic guy who enjoys exploring the countryside, playing with his favorite toys and sniffing out treats in fun enrichment games.

He is very intelligent and seeks owners who have the time to invest in his training so he can thrive.

He can find other dogs annoying, so he much prefers to be the only star of the show.

Murphy should be the only pet in his new home and live with at least two adults.

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Vilma is a friendly 11 year old dachshund crossbreed. Despite her age, she is still full of beans.

She is very sociable and likes to be around people, so she is looking for a home with owners who are there most of the time, and where she will be the only pet.

She would also like her new family to be active enough and able to take her for nice, quiet walks away from the hustle and bustle, where she won’t come across any other dogs.

Vilma dreams of a garden of her own in which to craft and relax. She likes to play with her toys a lot, but does not quite master bringing them back.

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How to find out more

If you could give any of these dogs a forever home, or would like to find out more about any of the Dogs Trust Salisbury dogs, go to

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