Dog found tied to fire hydrant in Wisconsin will soon be adopted

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin (WFRV) — A dog recently found tied to a fire hydrant in Green Bay, Wisconsin, will soon be available for adoption, the Wisconsin Humane Society announced Tuesday.

In a sincere facebook messagethe animal shelter confirmed it had been in contact with the dog’s former owner, whose name is Baby Girl, and honored the former owner’s wish to find a new home for the pup.

“We have passed on the support resources that have been offered to him by this generous community. She expressed her gratitude and happiness to know that Baby Girl would soon find her next loving home,” the shelter wrote.

Can you already adopt Baby Girl?

In the same article, the Humane Society wrote that Baby Girl is expected to be adopted by the weekend of May 14 at the WHS campus in Green Bay. However, WHS added that Baby Girl will need a special family who can support her expensive medical needs.

The animal shelter’s veterinary team has determined that Baby Girl has diabetes mellitus (canine diabetes), which is impacting her blood sugar and causing it to rise.

The team currently has Baby Girl on a management plan and said she is responding well to treatment.

What Baby Girl’s New Family Will Need

Baby Girl’s medical care will be a lifelong commitment, and her new family will need to work with a veterinarian on a plan, which should include daily blood sugar monitoring, a restricted diet and insulin injections at home.

WHS explained that diabetes mellitus is an expensive disease to manage and requires a monthly purchase of insulin and potentially other medical supplies. The shelter estimates this could be hundreds of dollars a month (depending on a veterinarian’s assessment and the cost of supplies in your area).

Baby Girl will also need routine veterinary visits with complete physical exams, blood tests, urine tests, and/or other diagnostics.

“Although diabetes can be expensive and difficult to manage, we know there is a loving adopter for this special girl!” wrote the refuge.

When Baby Girl is adopted, WHS explained, it will provide initial prescriptions and a glucose sensor to the new family.

Answer a few questions

WHS explained that it will allow out-of-state adopters, but is unable to transport animals to adopters. The shelter also said it does not accept animal take.

Additionally, WHS recommended that Baby Girl do her best in a home free of cats and small animals.

What to do next

If you’re looking to adopt this “wonderful jester with a heart of gold”, WHS staff asks you to check out the Wisconsin Humane Society website Daily.

Once you see she is listed as available for adoption, you can stop by the WHS Green Bay Campus at 1830 Radisson Street during adoption hours (Tuesday-Friday: 2-6pm, Saturday: 12-5pm)

It is first come, first served and wait times may vary depending on the number of people who wish to meet with adoption counselors.

“The international response to this pup’s story has been overwhelming, and the outpouring of kindness for his former owner has truly filled our hearts to the brim,” the shelter wrote.

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