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VALDOSTA – With more than 100 animals currently in the Lowndes County Animal Shelter, authorities are encouraging more adoptions.

Meghan Barwick, the county’s public information officer, said the shelter had 32 adult dogs, seven puppies, 18 adult cats and 54 kittens as of Thursday, July 22.

“We have taken in up to 50 animals per day,” she said. “We are on the verge of welcoming 600 more animals this year compared to last year.”

Barwick said full shelter is normal for Lowndes as “puppy and kitten season” is underway.

The number of adopters has not decreased, although the number of animals taken to the shelter has increased, she said, noting that sterilization and sterilization clinics were closed in 2020 due to the pandemic. .

“In our opinion, we are seeing the result of unsterilized or neutered animals, which have had litters of kittens and puppies,” said Barwick. “These kittens and puppies are now old enough to have kittens and puppies on their own. It is a vicious cycle that must be broken.”

The county encourages animals to be spayed or neutered when they are 4 months old.

Some of the benefits of sterilization are minimal wandering desires, no heat cycles and a healthy longevity, according to county officials.

The benefits of sterilization include elimination of testicular cancer, decreased aggressive behavior, and reduced spraying or scarring, depending on the county.

Twenty-three dogs have recently been rescued, Barwick said.

“Rescues are an invaluable resource for our shelter animals,” she said.

The cost to adopt a dog or a puppy is $ 125 while it is $ 55 to adopt a cat or a kitten. Barwick said it was less to adopt from a shelter.

“Usually when a person adopts a pet, the cost of spaying / neutering (and) the first vaccinations is included in the adoption price, which can save you some of the upfront costs of the pet. adding a new member to your family, ”she said. .

When people adopt from the county shelter, they are given pets that have been dewormed, sprayed against fleas, vaccinated with their first round of vaccines, and cleaned up against mites. The nails of the animals were also cut.

The pets have been spayed or neutered, have undergone a veterinary examination, have been vaccinated against rabies and have obtained an identity card with microchip and registration.

Barwick said cats and kittens are confirmed negative for feline leukemia, while dogs over 6 months old are tested for heartworms.

“The test results are listed on the kennel map and marked as positive or negative for heartworms,” she said.

It takes about 30 minutes to adopt a pet.

Animal adoptions at the shelter are available from noon to 4 p.m. Tuesday to Friday and from noon to 3 p.m. on Saturday.

Visit for more information on adoption at the shelter or to complete an adoption application.

Call the Humane Society of Valdosta / Lowndes County (229) 247-3266 for information on sterilization / sterilization programs.

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