Carlito’s Way Actors You May Not Know Have Died

James Rebhorn is probably one of the most recognizable actors on this list, as he has over a hundred credits to his name, including many popular movies and TV shows. In ‘Carlito’s Way,’ he plays Bill Norwalk, the district attorney who kicked Carlito out – but did a poor job, allowing Carlito’s attorney, David Kleinfeld (Sean Penn), to bail him out of a technical detail. Later, after Kleinfeld sells out Carlito, Norwalk approaches Carlito with an offer to testify against Kleinfeld in exchange for immunity, but Carlito refuses.

Rebhorn has appeared in supporting roles in a string of movies and TV shows, including “The Doctors,” “Silkwood,” and “Guiding Light.” In the 1990s, Rebhorn began to make a name for himself, and it wasn’t long before he began appearing in bigger, more acclaimed projects, often playing authority figures his behavior severe suited perfectly. Some of these films include “My Cousin Vinny”, “Basic Instinct”, “Scent of a Woman” (which also featured Al Pacino) and “Independence Day”.

Later in his career, Rebhorn added several other major projects to his resume, including appearances on “Homeland”, “Blue Bloods” and “Leap of Faith”. He died of melanoma in 2014 — and he even wrote his own obituary.

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