California: Deaf dog rescued after 100ft fall

“It was a miracle,” Julia Plant told CNN affiliate KGTV after the rescue of 8-year-old Australian Shepherd Hobo.

Plant was walking Hobo near their home in the Sorrento Valley when he lunged after something in the ravine, lost his footing and fell into the brush far below, Plant told KGTV.

Members of the San Diego Humane Society Emergency Response Team rushed to the scene, where they realized they would have to rappel down the ravine to reach the dog, according to their Facebook post.

It took five people a total of four hours to save Hobo, according to the San Diego Humane Society.

Rescue team Lt. Clint Ganus told CNN the rescue was particularly complicated because Hobo landed in “very thick brush” that was difficult to navigate, even for humans. And Hobo suffered from arthritis and other mobility issues that prevented him from moving.

“When my rescuers arrived on the scene, we built the systems to get down and rescue the dog,” Ganus explained, eventually cutting down trees and branches to free Hobo from the foliage. Eventually they put him in a safety harness and pulled him up to where his family was waiting.

Hobo was “all flustered” when he was finally free, Ganus said. “Everyone on my team had big smiles on their faces. Seeing this reminds me of, you know, why I come back and do what I do every day.”

Hobo’s family says they are very grateful. “Thank goodness for the Humane Society,” Plant told KGTV and added that hopefully Hobo wouldn’t come near the ravine again. “I’m going to keep it on this very short lead.”

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