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“I hope to meet you on Thursday, Mr. Glazer. I’m terribly busy this week.

Hello, Bucs fans!

If for some reason you haven’t had your morning caffeine fix yet, this will work (but won’t help with your caffeine-related headaches).

All kinds of quarterback news this morning. According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, the Bucs have let former (?) quarterback Tom Brady know that they will leave him a placemat at the table to return to quarterback duties for as long as they can, as long as they can. that it will take time. .

Rapoport claims Brady privately debated whether he should return to the playing field.

Reading this, Joe’s first thought was that the Bucs would go (tentatively) with Blaine Gabbert hoping Brady would change his mind. That way, if Brady, say in August, wants to come back, no harm, no fault. The Bucs could conceivably wait for Brady until Labor Day if Gabbert is on the roster.

Currently, Gabbert does not have a contract for 2022.

If Brady gives the Bucs some vibes, he could come back, the Bucs could pick Gabbert as their No. 1 quarterback and if Brady doesn’t come back, Gabbert will stay there. If Brady comes back, get Gabbert out.

But wait, there’s more! In case Brady gave the Bucs a firm answer that he would stay retired, Tom Pelissero in the same report said the Bucs were doing “thorough homework on Texas quarterback Deshaun Watson.”

So, it really feels like if Brady stays retired, the Bucs are looking to chase the big game.

Just think of Brady returning and how thrilled and motivated would his teammates be to bring him back? wow!

You can see the reports from Rapoport and Pelissero in the NFL Network video below.

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