‘Brutally attacked out of nowhere’: dog shot dead after attack at Greensboro park

GREENSBORO, NC (WGHP) — A woman’s day at Greensboro Country Park was ruined after she saw a larger dog attack a smaller one at Bark Park, Greensboro’s only off-leash park.

The fight broke out between an Akita and a Bichon Frize.

When the sun is out you can see people walking and running in Country Park with their dogs. This is how Charissa Raynor started her Saturday afternoon.

“The park was really crowded,” she said.

About ten minutes after her arrival, she walked her dog to fetch water. It was then that she heard a loud cry from the Bichon Frize, named Buddy.

“I looked up there. I saw this 150 pound Akita with a beautiful white dog, attack him. It’s pretty graphic,” Raynor said. “It was a very vicious attack. It lasted maybe 30 seconds.

It happened in an off-leash area of ​​the park.

Buddy suffered serious puncture wounds and other injuries before the owners of the larger dog put him back on a leash.

“To see a little animal minding its own business, enjoying a hot day at the park in February. To see it brutally attacked out of nowhere. I just can’t get that image out of my mind,” said said Raynor.

Raynor helped the Bichon Frize owner get the dog to the emergency vet. They tried to save Buddy but found it best to put her down.

Erin Hethroine, who has used BarkPark almost every day for the past six months, learned of the attack after Raynor posted it on Nextdoor.

“It was very shocking, obviously. It was Saturday. I just left. I was like ‘wow,'” Hethroine said.

On Monday, Raynor and his sister walked around the park with zip ties and posted warning signs to let people know about the traumatic encounter.

The signs also share advice on preventing another attack.

“We felt we had to take action and let people who use this park know that a dog was attacked and killed here,” Raynor said. “It could have happened to any of us. To my dogs. We felt like we dodged a bullet that day. We pray that this tragedy is not in vain so that it may be used to mobilize change.

We also tried to contact owners who ended up putting their dog down. They were too distraught to talk to us.

Raynor says the Akita was the aggressor in this situation, and the owners told him they had just rescued him from shelter.

We also contacted the manager of Country Park. She said there was a designated area for smaller and older dogs. This is in Batch A. Batch B is for larger, more active dogs.

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