Brooks the Midlands Humane Society dog

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa (KMTV) — This week’s adoption option brought Chris Swaim to the Midlands Humane Society to meet Brooks, a carefree seven-year-old dog.

Kori Nelson of the Midlands Humane Society says:

“So Brooks is an adoption return. Sometimes things don’t work out. There was a medical issue with the adoptive family that he had, so he came back at the end of December. So he would be considered a stay dog. He is a bit older dog but that hasn’t stopped his energy level.

He loves his treats, very motivated by treats, so it might be easy to teach him some tricks and new things you want in your home. He can be an excellent walking companion, he could lose a few pounds, it could improve his health… Very happy and carefree dog.

He lived with other cats, he didn’t react when we walked past the other dogs in the kennel. If you’re interested in meeting Brooks, we can hook up, so maybe meet him first. If you like it, bring your dog if you have another dog in your house.

We demand it in all circumstances; sometimes many dogs are selective and therefore having your dog may like that dog and not the next dog. Really knowing that there are certain options that if you have a dog in your home and want to add to your brood, you can find a good match.

It has very well defined accents and a striking color. he loves to shake and receive treats. He’s a fun guy, he’s a high-spirited guy that we recommend for older kids.

He’s a bit bouncy, he’s very strong for his age, we don’t want him knocking anyone down. We don’t want him knocking over the little kids in the house or making sure the kids don’t give him the treats so he doesn’t mistake the kids for treats and knock anyone over trying to get them.”

Brooks is available and has been at the Midlands Humane Society since December. He would make a great family dog ​​for someone who will walk him and exercise him because he has energy.

To find Midlands Humane Society Online or call: 712-396-2270.

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