BLM activist Shaun King drags and exposes NY Post reporters after claiming he used donations to buy purebred Cane Corso dog for $40,000

Reports reaching Kossyderrickent indicate that BLM activist Shaun King is trolling and exposing NY Post reporters after he claimed he bought a purebred dog for $40,000…

King has come under intense scrutiny in recent days for buying the dog, which he then appeared to return to the breeder because he was too ‘energetic’. King argued in an Instagram post that he needed a dog for home security, saying he and his family regularly faced threats.

“I need you to know this so you understand why our family not only needs a watchdog in the home, but 24/7 security wherever we go,” began King, before listing a series of alleged threats against him.

“I have received death threats in the mail, email and on social media. I am reporting it. Nothing is happening,” he wrote. “A dozen white supremacists and police officers are currently in prison because of my work. Several have been released recently.”

Social media is reacting to BLM activist Shaun King using donor money to buy a $40,000 Cane Corso dog for protection.

Patrick wrote: Shaun King spent $40,000 donated money for a watchdog to protect him from cops, white supremacists and presumably donors who realized they had given money to a spending guy $40,000 of their donations for a dog.

Harry wrote: ‘Lol Shaun King is asking people to help him doxx the reporters home address because they reported he spent $40,000 of donated money on a dog.

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