Bissell Pet Foundation sets new adoption record

Posted May 27, 2022.

More than 13,500 pets find loving homes at nation’s largest funded adoption event

The Bissell Pet Foundation is thrilled to announce the adoption of over 13,500 cats and dogs at our Spring National Empty the Shelters event held at a record 280 shelters in 45 states earlier this month. This is a new seasonal adoption record for the National Spring Event!

Pets found loving homes for two weeks at the BISSELL Pet Foundation’s “Empty the Shelters” event, the nation’s largest funded adoption event. The May 2022 event encouraged adoption through reduced adoption fees at 280 shelters in 45 states.

From May 2-15, approximately 6,035 cats and 7,469 dogs were adopted through this life-saving event. The foundation has extended “Empty Shelters” to include an additional week to ensure as many pets as possible get out of shelters and into loving homes. Shelters across the country are currently facing unprecedented overcrowding due to slow adoptions and pandemic-related issues such as lack of sterilization services, understaffing, etc. BISSELL Pet Foundation sponsors adoption fees, allowing participating shelters to charge $25 or less per cat or dog, giving their adoption rates a much-needed boost.

“Right now shelters are so full and pets are having longer stays. Our partners report that “Empty the Shelters” attracts even more adopters to their facilities. With transportation declining, local adoptions have become our primary lifesaving tool,” said Cathy Bissell, Founder of BISSELL Pet Foundation. “It’s an expensive program for our small foundation, but it’s proven success, and we can’t turn our backs when we know we can save thousands of lives in a single event.”

One such success happened here in Kent County at the Kent County Animal Shelter. A wonderful dog named Princess Leia was adopted on May 4, 2022 (Star Wars Day)! Princess Leia waited for a home at the shelter for 111 days before being adopted. And she seems to be happy with her new mom!

The BissellL Pet Foundation’s mission to find every animal a loving home is the driving force behind Emptying the Shelters. In 2016, the BisselL Pet Foundation created this low-fee adoption event, held at a few early Michigan shelters, to make an immediate impact on the ongoing problem of pet homelessness in the country. Since then, this event has become the foundation’s largest program and the largest funded adoption event in the country. To date, “Empty the Shelters” has helped find homes for 96,068 pets and provided more than $7.6 million in direct funding to shelter partners to support pet adoptions.

The BISSELL Pet Foundation’s Empty Shelters cannot continue to grow without donor support. The foundation is seeking donations to expand to more shelters in more states, and 100% of contributions will go directly to funding pet adoptions: For more information on Clearing Shelters, visit

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