Bernese Mountain Dog thinks Christmas tree speaks to him in hilarious video

Two-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog Daisy is definitely on Santa’s beautiful list after sweet clip

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Dog thinks Christmas tree is talking in hilarious clip

A Bernese Mountain Dog made hearts melt online after thinking his Christmas tree spoke to him.

The two-year-old dog, named Daisy, was very confused when a voice – which oddly sounded like her father’s – seemed to come from the Christmas tree.

The puppy’s head tilted side to side as she tried to determine if she was the victim of a prank or if Santa was really stuck in the tree.

But, truth be told, it was really her father teasing her through the Ring camera, which was right behind the tree.

The voice over in the TikTok Video said: “Daisy thinks the Christmas tree is talking but my husband is talking through the ring.”

Daisy the Bernese Mountain Dog thought Santa Claus was stuck in the tree


TikTok @ shananigans71)

In the video, which has been viewed nearly half a million times on TikTok, Daisy’s owner makes his best impression of Santa Claus by shouting “ho, ho, ho, merry Christmas” through the speaker.

Her adorable reaction to thinking that Santa Claus was in the Christmas tree left viewers in pieces, with a handwriting: “She’s like” trees can talk and I’m just finding out now? speaking!”

A third commentator said: “What a darling – I hope Santa is nice to her this year.”

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And Daisy will definitely be on the right list this year after supporting her owner, Shannon, through chemotherapy.

Some viewers just wanted to know if Daisy finally figured out that it wasn’t really Santa Claus speaking from the tree, with one saying, “I love the tilt of the head – the a- did she finally understand? “

“Sort of,” said Shannon, responding with an adorable second clip of the mountain dog.

The video showed footage from the Ring camera, with its owner speaking through it, capturing Daisy’s characteristic head tilt as she tried to figure out who was talking to her.

A second clip was posted to the account after Daisy realized it was actually her owners talking through the Ring camera.


TikTok @ shananigans71)

Viewers were treated to a close-up of her nose as the penny dropped that it was mom and dad playing tricks on her.

Home video surveillance can capture priceless You’ve Been Framed-style moments of our pets.

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