Bear still in the Big 12 Championship game hunt | Baylor

“It always comes down to the same things: football on a mission, doing its job, bringing energy, being ready to play,” said Baylor linebacker Dillon Doyle. “This match was essential for us. Being on the road, we didn’t feel like we brought the energy we needed against Oklahoma State or TCU. We felt like we were starting slowly.

To help build energy for the team, the Bears have brought reserves to Manhattan that typically bring energy to the sidelines at McLane Stadium.

“We took the juice team off this week,” Doyle said. “Braden Strauss, Jaden Maronen, Tate Williams, these guys are really energetic on the sidelines, and I hope you saw it. It was a blast. We had a blast today.

The biggest reveal was the performance of red-shirted first-year quarterback Blake Shapen, who entered the game with 59 seconds left in the second quarter after starting quarterback Gerry Bohanon fell with a strain. hamstrings.

Shapen quickly hit a 32-yard pass to Estrada to set up Isaiah Hankins’ 21-yard field goal to give the Bears a 17-7 halftime lead. He also led the Bears on a 13-game, 72-yard run that ended with a 28-yard field goal from Hankins with 13:35 remaining to give the Bears their 20-10 lead.

Shapen finished 16 of 21 for 137 yards while running for 44 yards on five carries. Most importantly, he showed remarkable poise in the first plight of his college career. He entered the game with just one of three passes for 41 yards this season and played for the first time since Oct. 9 in a 45-20 win over West Virginia after the Bears already had the game in hand.

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