Army veteran who lost his dog found out police gave him up for adoption

CORAL SPRINGS, Florida. – A military veteran asks the public for help, so he can find the Siberian husky he knows as his “best friend.” A policeman found him and the department gave him up for adoption.

The Coral Springs Police Department released a statement on Friday saying officers held the dog beyond the required three-day period and no one claimed it, contacted local rescue.

‘A pet, as precious as a young husky, cannot be confined to a kennel for an extended period and has contacted rescue with the dog’s best interests being their top priority,’ said Officer Chris Swinson, spokesperson for the department. wrote.

Tavaris Washington needs no explanation. He just wants Jasher, his one-year-old service dog, back.

“I’m a 100% disabled veteran out of the military and I don’t do a lot of things, but when I have Jasher with me, he gives me the friend I need. He helps me when I’m down. He’s just my buddy, he’s literally my best friend,” Washington said, adding that he last saw his dog on March 19.

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Washington said Jasher disappeared after the man cutting his grass accidentally left the door to the yard open.

“I walked around this neighborhood. I walked around this neighborhood.

The Police Department’s Humanitarian Unit released a photo of Jasher as a lost pet. Officers searched for the dog’s owner for five days. By the time Washington turned himself in to the police department, Jasher had been adopted.

“Honestly, I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel. I don’t know how I should feel. I miss my dog. I want my dog. That’s all I know… He’s been my service dog since I got out of the military, helping me around the house with my emotional stress and stuff.

“He’s my dog, they have my dog ​​and I want him back.”

Our Humane Unit took extraordinary steps to locate the owner and kept the dog beyond the required 3 day period, allowing the owner more time to claim their pet.

After failing to locate the owner (after using multiple social media and internet outlets), Humane Unit contacted a local rescue dedicated to placing the dogs with loving families.

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