Application period for big game licenses in Colorado opens March 1: The Prowers Journal

DENVER — Hunters hoping to shoot a big game license in Colorado in 2022 are encouraged to review changes to licensing requirements and fees in the Colorado Big Game 2022 brochure before the application period opens March 1. main draw (March 1 – April 5 at 8 p.m. MT). Hunters are encouraged to submit their applications early to avoid complications or delays.

For a great preview of what to expect, watch CPW’s “What’s New” video for the 2022 big game seasons.

Important information for hunters to consider this season includes:

Eligible licenses:

Hunters must purchase an eligible license to participate in Big Game Draws. All qualifying licenses are available from March 1 and must be purchased before claiming any big game licenses or preference points.

Bow hunters:

There is no longer a maximum drop percentage for hand bows. Archery hunters can now use compound bows with any percentage of release, giving them more options when selecting archery gear for big seasons game. Please note that an ADA Recreational Lodging Permit is still required to use a winch or crossbow during archery season.

Mandatory screening for chronic wasting disease (CWD):

The CPW will require mandatory submission of CWD test samples (heads) from all deer harvested for specific hunt codes as part of its chronic wasting disease response plan. There is no charge for mandatory tests. Hunt codes selected for mandatory testing are shaded green in the Colorado Big Game 2022 brochure (see pages 22 and 27-31). Check your hunt code carefully as not all hunt codes from each Game Management Unit (GMU) have been selected for CWD’s mandatory testing.

Get more information on where and how to submit a CWD sample.

Voluntary CWD screening for 2022:

Hunters who have harvested deer from a GMU not selected for mandatory testing, or harvested an elk or moose from any GMU, may also voluntarily submit their animal for testing for a fee of $25 per animal. If a hunter is not selected for mandatory testing but wants to know if the deer, elk or moose they harvested has CWD, they can submit their animal and pay a $25 testing fee .

License surrender period:

CPW will send emails to hunters who passed the primary draw. Hunters who shoot elk, deer, bear pronghorn and moose permits, but decide to surrender their permits, will have until Monday, June 6 at 11:59 p.m. MT to surrender them. Hunters who shoot a bighorn sheep or mountain goat permit, but wish to surrender their permit, will have until Friday, April 22 at 11:59 p.m. MT to surrender them. If a license is returned, CPW will restore the hunter’s preference points to the pre-draw level and remove the license from their account.

CPW will charge the card on file for any licenses not returned after the waiver period. If CPW is unable to charge the credit card on file by the main draw payment deadline of midnight MT on June 17 (May 3 for sheep and goat permits), the hunter’s license and preference points will be lost. Draw results will be posted online from May 31 to June 3 (April 19 for sheep and goats). Please see page 8 of the big game brochure for more information.

License Exchange Fee:

Hunters who wish to exchange their licenses will now be charged a flat fee of $5, instead of a percentage of the total license cost, as in previous years. For more information on this fee reduction, see page 8 of the big game brochure.

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