Amid Scottie Pippen’s feud with Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman enters chat

As a member of the Chicago Bulls in the 80s and 90s, Scottie Pippen helped take the basketball world by storm. These days, however, he’s been wreaking havoc on the landscape in a different way, as he’s been in a somewhat one-sided feud with former teammate Michael Jordan. After the release of the last dance, Pippen has A number of direct thoughts were sharedOn his former colleague, even going so far as Say he “ruined” the sport. Many former Bulls players have responded to these honest comments. Now another big name from that Chicago team has entered the chat – Dennis Rodman.

Dennis Rodman is a reclusive and eccentric man who rarely speaks out on such topics. However, during a recent Q&A, the Hall of Fame striker was asked about the situation. Those who know him surely know that he rarely minces words, and here he provided some honest (and mostly sober) thoughts when asked if Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan have a rocky relationship, as claimed. the memoirs of the first:

The book, I don’t know what to say about it. I was there for four years with them, and I never witnessed this. Scottie just wants recognition with Michael. Because he was raised with Mike and they played together for 11 years. [disliked]Michael was paid $10 million for the documentary. He got nothing. I didn’t care if I had shit. I didn’t care about the money. …It’s between [Michael]Scottie.

Dennis Rodman seemed to have mixed feelings about the conflict between his courtship partners. He did mention, however, that he thought the book would be bought by people. Unguarded, just to see what is being said about Michael Jordan. Rodman made one thing clear in the chat (via LifeSpeaks MediaHe was very proud of Scottie Pippen’s influence on basketball and his respect for him.

Scottie was a great guy. Scottie revolutionized this position, which is a good thing, even if Michael Jordan was a good example. Scottie, a tall six-foot-nine, was a prime example of lanky. [inch]A guy who could come down and beat you on a dribble or one, two dunk on a counterattack. A lot of guys couldn’t do that back then. Literally just one, two dunks. Scottie made these young kids look great.

The basketball and pop culture icon would go on to mention contemporary players like Ben Simmons and Giannis Antetokounmpo as those who benefited from his comrade’s legacy. He’s also not the only Bulls player to praise Scottie Pippen. Toni Kukoc called him the favorite teammatePippen and the founder of Jordan Brand had retired to make way for baseball.

However, there were others who were a bit more critical of his recent remarks. Charles Barkley was applaudedOriginally from Arkansas “big game hunting” in order to sell copies of his book. Former Chicago Bull Scott Williams Michael Jordan is the best teammateWhile saying Jordan is more likely to stay in touch with his friends, Charles Oakley was more diplomatic and thanked his two former basketball teammates, even though he still believes in the importance of friendship. The feud goes far beyond the ESPN documentary. He seems to think it’s the result of a specific incident that happened during their days as players.

Scottie Pippen has reportedly not spoken with Michael Jordan since then. the last dance broadcast, and there is no indication if they will bury the hatchet. Maybe Dennis Rodman could be a peacemaker, given his recent feelings. It’s not uncommon for strange things to happen, isn’t it?

the last danceIt is currently streaming on Netflix and ESPN+.

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