AMC lax on licensing standard, pet owners get long rope

If you have a pet and don’t know it needs to be registered with the CMA, don’t blame yourself. Even senior AMC officials ignore the standards they are supposed to implement.
According to the Gujarat Provincial Municipal Society Act (GPMC), formerly known as the Bombay Municipal Society Act (BPMC), a license is required to keep a companion dog. In Mumbai, there is a strict implementation of the pet provisions under the BPMC Law from which the GPMC Law has been adapted. In the absence of registration and a permit, the civic organization removes the animal. The pet owner should upload the pet’s vaccination details and other necessary details.

More and more cases of pet dog bites
Amid growing cases of people being bitten by companion dogs, AMC officials are ignoring the arrangements they are supposed to be implementing. On Hebatpur Road, two companion dogs recently got into a fight. The two animals bit each other, causing a fight between their owners, an elderly couple and a woman. The case reached the police station where the authorities convinced the owners to resolve the issue amicably.
Then there were incidents of pet dogs biting pedestrians while being walked by their owners. Two weeks ago, one such incident took place near Hathijan circle when a 20-year-old student was attacked by a Husky dog. The victim suffered 27 dog bites without any complaint being filed with the police.

What AMC officials say
A retired officer from the CNCD department of the AMC said: “There is a clear provision for the registration of every pet, whether it is a dog, a cow, a buffalo or any type of cattle. However, it is not implemented effectively due to a lack of staff. You must give details such as the breed of the dog, its color, its date of birth, its identification mark, the date of the rabies vaccine administered, the name of its veterinarian. The license must be renewed regularly, failing which may result in the seizure of the animal.
Asked about the standards, a senior AMC official said he had no knowledge of the provisions. In fact, AMC does not register pets. Even the Ministry of Health is not aware of this provision, he added. Health official Dr Bhavin Joshi was not available for comment.

No classification of dog bites with AMC
AMC has figures on dog bites, but it is not categorized as stray animals or pets. In Ahmedabad, an average of 50,000 cases of dog bites are reported per year. In January 2021, 5,780 cases of dog bite were recorded. While in February the number was 4,650, in March 5,284, in April 3,001, in May 2,520, in June 4,048, in July 4,049, August 3,764, September 3,840. In all cases, stray dogs were involved.

The pet craze is on the rise in the city
Asha Foundation Director Harmesh Bhatt said, “The craze for companion dogs is increasing in the city. And people adopt them without precise knowledge of their race. A Pitbull, Cane Corso, or Bulldog can even bite their owners. Many dogs cannot survive at home because they need a bigger place like a farm. Many owners abandon their pets. Since there is no system in place, it is difficult to find abandoned pet owners.

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