Alpacas fatally mutilated in suspected dog attack at Callington Daycare in Adelaide Hills

Children at an Adelaide Hills daycare have been devastated after three of the site’s beloved alpacas were mutilated to death, with staff now desperately trying to identify responsible dogs and owners.

Mandy Dolman, who runs the Callington family day care center, told ABC Radio Adelaide she discovered the “carnage” scene on Monday morning, minutes before the children started arriving.

DISCLAIMER: This story contains graphical content that readers may find distressing.

Only one of the four central alpacas, all males, survived the attack, one was found dead and two others shot because of the horrific extent of their injuries.

“[It’s not] everything that everyone needs to see, especially children, ”she said.

“If you own these dogs you have to be responsible because it could be a child afterwards.”

It was one of several dog attacks around Adelaide in recent days, after a pedestrian was maimed in Cowandilla on Saturday and a woman was seriously injured in Gawler after being attacked by the French mastiff d ‘a neighbour.

Ms. Dolman, who lives there but “didn’t hear a thing,” choked back tears as she described the scene.

Ms Dolman said that an animal capable of attacking an alpaca could easily attack a child.(

Facebook: Alpacas of Mioshi Park


The incident was reported to two councils in the area, and Ms Dolman said efforts were underway to try to identify the dogs and owners believed to be responsible.

“We took the vet out and she did a thorough examination of the injuries, she said it was definitely a dog attack. Alpacas are generally herding animals and they will protect each other,” said Ms. Dolman said.

The surviving alpaca Jasper has been brought back to the property of local breeder Jodie Burr, who owns Mioshi Park Alpacas and has raised all four animals since birth.

Ms Burr said she received a call Monday morning from Ms Dolman, who was “extremely distressed”.

“All four alpacas had been attacked by a dog. One of them was dead and two of them were lying on the ground in agony with blood all over the place,” Ms. Burr said.

A brown alpaca pasture.
Jasper was the only one of the four alpacas to survive.(

Provided: Jodie Burr


One of the animals was immediately euthanized and another alpaca suffered “massive injuries, so the vet put him to sleep as well.”

“At this point, I have the only surviving alpaca on my property. It’s with my little baby alpacas,” Ms. Burr said.

“They wouldn’t have hurt a fly, they were just perfect for kids and kids absolutely loved them.

The nursery is a 2 hectare site next to the municipal school, the kindergarten and the oval.

An alpaca looks towards the camera.
Ms Burr said it was the first time that one of her animals had been mutilated.(

Provided: Jodie Burr


Ms Burr, who has been raising alpacas for about eight years but has never seen anything like it before, said her concern was that “next time these dogs could kill a child.”

She said local authorities were investigating.

“The owners certainly know who killed the alpacas because their dogs would have arrived at the house covered in blood. They have obviously been in hiding but they have to come forward,” she said.

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