Almost 100,000 after Jamie’s dream of restoring the great classic

Jamie Cameron works on the historic boat with his dog Cane Corso, Drago

Jamie Cameron is a land worker from Madeley, Telford who in March 2020 made the decision to purchase a historic 15-04 to convert it and possibly call himself home.

The boat is currently out of the water at the Caggys Shipyard in Tipton while undergoing work to narrow it down.

Originally, Jamie had saved up money in hopes of buying a house near his mother, but an increase in a deposit from 10 percent to 20 percent cost him dearly.

That’s when he decided to spend £ 10,000 on a classic in need of a little attention.

Jamie said: “I went to Norbury Junction as they were selling part of their rental fleet.

“I was talking to the boys there and I told them they had a hundred year old boat that had been destroyed.

“I bought it on the spot and on the same day and paid £ 10,000 for it.”

Jamie has since documented his trip, alongside his two Cane Corsos, Drago and Luna, on TikTok, sharing footage of his travels and repairs.

Its content has gained worldwide attention and it is now approaching 100,000 subscribers on the social media platform.

Jamie added, “I love that I can travel to places that I just couldn’t afford to go otherwise.

“It’s currently out of the water, I tried to go through a lock and I was too wide, so I took the cabin apart and I’m going to shrink the boat.

“I almost sold it when I realized how much work was required, but I took my dogs and my little boy to the canal.

“He was feeding the ducks in the front of the boat and that’s when I thought ‘I’ll never sell him’.”

Jamie hopes to get the boat back on the water soon and spend the next few years living there.

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