All dog adoptions are free at Detroit Animal Control as staff deal with overcrowding

Detroit Animal Care and Control is making a desperate cry for help from the public in the face of overcrowding.

“I wish we could embrace them all, but the reality is we can’t, we just want to do our part,” said Sharonda Johnson.

Sharonda and Jamaiel Terry talk about adopting their dog and saving him from euthanasia.

“There are about 35, if not 40, overcapacity dogs – and we are increasing day by day,” said Renea McCaskill, deputy director of Detroit Animal Care.

Detroit Animal Care asks people to adopt or foster these dogs before it’s too late.

“With the rain, the weather, everyone is going back to school, people aren’t that much at home, that makes the dogs go out even more,” said McCaskill.

But this animal shelter can only house a limited number of dogs before they have to make the decision to euthanize them. The refuge therefore allows you to bring one home.

“We waive all fees – the dogs leave here fully vaccinated, microchipped, neutered,” she said. “If you are a resident of Detroit, you are also leaving with a dog license, so you are allowed to go.”

Among those who answered the call were a couple looking to replace the dogs that were stolen from them.

“We had a few dogs with my wife that we really liked,” we let them out and they were taken, ”said Anthony Noles.

Now they hope to find a new companion.

“They were like a family member to us, so we are trying to replace that family member,” he said.

A woman from Livonia has found the perfect match

“As soon as I walked in she was right here licking me, kissing me, I’m horny,” Natlie Gotts said.

Gott said that for people willing to commit, the payoff of dog ownership is there.

“It’s not that hard – I mean you have to worry about the upkeep of the food – but the friendship and camaraderie you have are worth it all,” she said.

You can help provide a loving home for one of these dogs before it’s too late. To learn more about the adoption process go HERE for the Detroit Animal Control website.

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