A question about a little dog and the neighborhood hawks, a tight hawk with new technology, a love of living by the ice, and money for Urban Rivers are among the Chicago notes outside and in the -of the.

The notes come from outside Chicago and beyond.


Marc Kasick photographed adult red-tailed hawk (top) at the Sagawau Environmental Learning Center. “The cropped head shot came out particularly cool,” he emailed. “The detail is crazy. There’s new software that uses AI to double the resolution, so I was able to get away with the huge crop.

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The full size red-tailed hawk.
Marc Kasick



February 12-13: Diamond, (815) 907-7345


Click here for the complete list of shows, classes and exchange meetings for the coming months.

Until Sunday January 23: Bedford, Morris Sales Open House

Next Saturday, January 29-Jan. 30: Capt. Dan Keating Schools, Lake Michigan Angler, Winthrop Harbor, Foundations: Salmon 101, January 29, Advanced Tactics & Seasonal Strategies, January 30


Friday January 28-next Saturday January 29: LVVA Ice Fishing Derby, Lake Bangs


Today, January 22: Applications for the third lottery, the Spring Turkey Hunt, begin

Tuesday, January 25: Duck and second Greater Pochard season, southern zone, ends


“I happen to have two very large hawks roosting above a tree in my garden. My concern is that we have a small Yorkie Poo, an elderly dog ​​who we worry about when we let him out for pooping…. Are there any recommendations you could give to keep our 4-legged family member safe?” D. Polk

A: I asked Mike Ward, senior ornithologist for the Illinois Natural History Survey, who emailed me: “It’s very rare to hear of a small dog captured by a red-tailed hawk ( the only viable predator in the area) I’ve heard of great horned owls taking small dogs, but again, it’s very rare. If the birds are eagles or vultures, it doesn’t there is no risk. If the hawks are red-tailed hawks, I suspect they will fly away if you can approach them. Again, my opinion is that there is little threat from the hawks.


$5,000: Funding secured by Urban Rivers, which focuses on the Chicago River, through the MTN DEW External Grant


“Watching the last Bears game a few weeks ago and playoff games [last weekend] from inside the house while watching the tips for the flag was quite nice.”

Rob Abouchar, about the joy of living and fishing at the edge of the water / ice on Lake Island.

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