5-10: Friday mailbag with movie snacks, reporters aside, a draft of condiments and why I’m a jerk

Let’s run our business.

Rushmore of films with a flower in the title: “Driving Miss Daisy”, “Steel Magnolias” – Secondary question: Did you know they remade “Steel Magnolias” with an all-black cast in 2012? – “The best exotic hotel in Marigold” and “La guerre des roses”.

Famous Sports Tipster Rushmore: Jimmy the Greek is far left, even with his breeding comments, isn’t he? Lee Corso turned headgear into a cottage industry, Hank Goldberg, and as his schtick got older and by all reports he wasn’t a good guy, Chris Berman’s ‘Swami’ became rather iconic.

Rushmore of Bull: Another that was way harder than it looked. First the people version. Night Court Bull, Bull Meechum (aka The Great Santini), Greg “The Bull” Luzinski, the Phillies left fielder who hit behind Schmidt in the 1970s and 80s, and Sitting Bull. (With apologies to Carlos Zambrano, who affectionately called himself “El Toro” during his pitching career.) Taurus and “Ferdinand the Bull.” And there is also the Rushmore of phrases and sayings, like “ Taurus (beep), “” As useless as (beep) on a bull “,” A bull in a china shop “and of course, Mr. Vernon’s timekeeper “Mess with the bull, you get the horns“, line. Show Dick some respect. Side question: Could” The Breakfast Club “be created in our culture today, and there’s no way it fits with a cast completely white, right? Discuss.

Rushmore TV / Movie Colonels: Col. Nathan R Jessup, Col. Henry Blake, Col. of Boogie Nights and Col. Hans Linda (Christoph Waltz in “Inglorious Basterds”). And I apologize to Colonel Steve Austin who was a six million dollar man, Colonel Cedrick Daniels from “The Wire,” the best TV show I’ve ever watched, Colonel Nick Fury and Colonel Hannibal Smith from “Team A.” Wow, who knew it was such a busy category?

You know the rules. Here’s Paschall trying to find out if Josh Heupel and the Vols are turning to bowl racing.

You still have until noon to participate in the Bowling for Bowls of Bowl Game Success, Bowler Optional contest of choice. Find the list of games and lines and the like here. We have 55 entrances north, but a fair amount of regulars. TIC Tac. And senator, I love the costume.

In the bag.

Fat Vader

Here’s a potentially funny Rushmore question (which may or may not have been asked before): Best movie snacks because after popcorn it opens up a bit. I haven’t seen a movie in the past 30 years without a box of Mike and Ike in my hand.


If we did this one, I can’t remember. Which also begs the question that if we were to start this in the last week of October 2010 and keep moving forward this morning, it would be, I believe, our 2,910th 5-10 in a row.

And while we didn’t have a Rushmore every morning for the first few years, we’ve made it part of the program for quite some time now. So if I had to approximate, we are well north of 1000 Rushmores in that space and probably closer to 2000.

So finding the ones we haven’t done on relevant and somewhat engaging topics can be a challenge.

This one relies on both, I believe. Two first undeniable truths: Popcorn is, as Vader noted, the GM of this conversation. Period. Second, I’m not sure I know of anyone who eats full at the movie theater concession stand. Who goes to the Bijou and fills up on nachos or a few cheese dogs?

The theater is made for snacks like Mellow Mushroom is made for pizza. Period, and that’s it. Don’t tell me how good the sandwich is over there. It’s a pizzeria. Period. (Yes, the lunchtime calzone is okay, but only if you have a nap option later in the day. Egad, those things are great.)

But to Vader’s question, I’m not sure there’s a Rushmore here, as this one is directly personal, and I won’t blame anyone for his personal theater snack link. It’s a private choice, only if you want to share big. But I hate Raisinets, but hey, if that makes your viewing of the next Star Wars vehicle more enjoyable, just be yourself.

As long as your cell phone is off and your tone is a whisper, I suggest that the darkness of the theater be a non-judgmental zone.

(That said, the Rushmore is popcorn, M & Ms, the soda that comes in a 5 gallon bucket and requires a co-signed loan at the counter, and whatever fruity snack you prefer.)

By SportsFan

Sorry for the long radio silence. Now that the velvet hammer has fallen on Auburn after the FBI investigation, when does the hammer fall on Will Wade at LSU and his strong *** offer? And, when does the Power 5 drop the hammer on the NCAA? We have the impression that it is getting closer.

Sports fan

Glad to hear from you, my friend.

And I’m not sure the hammer will ever fall on LSU and Will Wade. The Tigers, like Auburn, have taken on self-imposed sanctions and it will likely be the lion’s share of sanctions that the hollow facade that is the NCAA imposes.

In truth, I think the LSU method of handling this will be the model for transactions in the future. Give yourself a slap on the wrist. Suspend the coach for a conference / tournament game, then lift your middle finger towards Indianapolis and go about your business.

Plus, the timing for Wade and LSU couldn’t have been better. By refusing to admit anything – even with Wade on tape with his infamous “loud (beep) offer” to the rookie – for now, LSU has outlived the NCAA.

Because even though we all know what happened with Wade and Co., how much can the NCAA really punish people for broken rules for three years that are currently not against the rules.

Wade and an LSU car dealership can give anyone a NULL deal that they think might be a “loud (beep) offer” these days, right?

By jeff


Speaking of Michelle Tafoya, you said “she’s very good at what she does”. What is she doing? What significant information have we ever obtained from line journalists? “Coach Smith told me coming out of the locker room that they need to cut down on turnovers. The defense needs to tighten up and no longer allow big plays. Back to you Joe.” Wow I wasn’t thinking about that 6 pick in the first half and how it affected the game and you know come to think of it the defense has to improve if they are to win the game. Tell me more.

… They could stick larvae there to stick their heads in the injury tent and report how the RB is doing. Announcer: “The rain is really falling now. Let’s go see Erin in the field.” Erin (under umbrella): “Yeah Joe, it really seems to be improving. You would expect the pitch conditions to deteriorate as the game progresses.” Fascinating.

You know coaches hate it, especially when they lose. Seriously, would we be missing out if they put the girl / guy in a box?


Your email got me thinking.

There are several things I think good reporters can add if they do it right. And in some ways this job is not too hard to do but extremely difficult to do well, if that makes sense.

You have to find things that add insight to the broadcast. Cole Cubelic does this very well for the SEC’s No.3 or 4 football team, and he frequently adds details about eavesdropping on position groups and our catch-player exchanges.

I thought the Fox team – I’m not sure if it was Erin or the other lady (and yes, having two reporters on the side seems a bit of a stretch) – got some much-needed information on the TE Chargers who were transported with a very scary head injury last night.

Plus, I’m all for making coaches uncomfortable, especially with proper questions and smart follow-ups.

Your criticisms are valid, but they are valid with the journalists on the side as they are with the color analysts, the game-by-game people, and the people who do what I do, too. An analyst telling me that Team X doesn’t want to face the third and long haul is just as insane and unnecessary as the secondary benchmarks you accurately came up with.

Finding original details, observations, ideas or opinions is not easy, but it is what makes the product and the content valuable.

Personally, I have always thought that Michele Tafoya always provided useful details rather than reused snapshots.

But then again, what do I know other than that no team wants to face the third and long term systematically. Back to you Joe.

From Scott

My friend at work made me read your 5-10 thing and we normally talk about it over lunch. Thanks for what you do. It speeds up the working day.

(Wednesday) we were talking about Steph and where he got picked – rumor has it that you are following the draft – and we started to wonder about the draft order of everyday things.

What would be your draft order for the condiments? Thank you and thank you again for your column, many of us are waiting for it every day.

Scott –

Thank you very much for the kind words, and thank you for playing around with the silliness.

I have to tell you that I loved this question and yes, I spent way too much time thinking about it.

Thinking about it like that.

Ketchup is an overall top contender, and that would be like drafting a future Hall of Fame left tackle. Yes, it’s a world-class value product, but it’s pretty basic and while it’s a freak and burgers freak, it’s just part of the background for a lot of people. other options.

Then there’s the ranch corollary (and other salad dressings), and I find it’s a great wide receiver that’s the best option ever for a certain collection of people. Yes, this is awesome and a must see if you are a four person team going through the wings. But for those who don’t need or love the ranch, well, they need the WR diva as much as a wishbone team.

Which brings us to a great, sneaky condiment – mustard, which is the go-to rusher. And while every team / table wants this professional pass rusher, it really isn’t a condiment for everyone.

And that brings us to the QB of condiments, and that’s mayonnaise. And that’s especially true when you think about how much mayonnaise is used in cooking that you might not even be aware of.

So I bent over the mayonnaise until it hit me.

The first choice among condiments is butter.

To discuss.

From a reader

Why are you such a hole (beep)?

A reader –


Have a great weekend folks.

Jay greeson

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