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Another masterclass from Tom Trbojevic led the Sea Eagles to a record 66-0 victory to cap a week of horror for the Bulldogs.

Here are the main takeaways from the game.

MATCH CENTER: Stats, scores and line-ups for Bulldogs vs Sea Eagles

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Cooper Cronk believes Tom Trbojevic is in the midst of the best form the game has ever seen after another masterclass against the Bulldogs.

Manly beat their previous biggest win in history, which was 63-0 over the Eels in 1973 in all 11 rout attempts.

Trbojevic picked up where he left off at Origin to have Bulldogs nightmares at Bankwest Stadium.

“I don’t think we’ve seen a player in the history of our game achieve performances like this back to back,” said Cronk.

“He’s scored 10 tries in the last three and a half games, including his Original performances.

“It includes three hat tricks. He’s out of this world right now.

“You give Trbojevic and Saab room and you’re not going to catch them and you won’t stop them.”

Matt Russell revealed that the 36-0 halftime score was the manliest in seven years.

“This is the most first-half points Manly have scored since 2014 against Canberra,” said Russell.

Michael Ennis praised the impact Trbojevic’s confidence has on his teammates.

“The skill level and the confidence that Tom Trbojevic is playing right now and the DCE class, they can’t handle it,” Ennis said.

Trbojevic finished with 157 yards, one tackle bust, three assists, two assists and three tries in a superb performance.

Trbojevic also left a few assists and a try or two, so it could have been a lot worse for the Bulldogs.


The exhausted Bulldogs were out of their depth from start to finish against a fit Manly side, but with three newbies in the wake of the Covid scandal engulfing the club, it was always going to be tough.

Matt Russell has revealed that the Bulldogs have conceded the most first-half points for the club in 31 years.

“This is the most points Canterbury has conceded in the first half of the Origin era since 1980,” said Russell.

However, Ennis believes their defensive plan to counter Trbojevic backfired dramatically.

“I’m sorry for them,” Ennis said.

“I think they came up with a plan to try to jam and try to stop DCE and Tom and take time away from them.

“But they just got upgraded.

“Their edges were trying to do what they had practiced by the appearance of things, but it doesn’t work.

“We expected that, given the form Manly has been in, but not that easy.

“They easily parted the edges of the Dogs and they went through the front door a couple of times.

“The Bulldogs’ blocked defense means they’ve been taken on the outside too easily.”

Greg Alexander has been disappointed with the Bulldogs’ effort after making great strides last month, but thinks they deserve to be let go.

“The good month we talked about recently where they gave the Panthers and Eels a run for their money for at least 40 or 50 minutes,” said Alexander.

“Trent Barrett couldn’t be happy with his team because they had made good progress.

“They had a win and came down to two good teams, but they were in the fight.

“Today, they are not in the fight.

“But can we give them a little slack because they’ve had a miserable week.

“They’re sitting on two wins and with all the players that came out, were we expecting a lot more today?”

However, Cooper Cronk believes Trent Barrett would not have been happy with the intensity and application of his team.

“Trent Barrett would have blown up the luxury at halftime,” Cronk said.

“It’s not usually something you associate with Bulldogs, it’s their effort and intensity on defense.

“Firstly, they don’t stop the race with their intention and their shoulders and secondly, their shortened line and inexperienced wingers make bad, bad decisions.”

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Queensland skipper Daly Cherry-Evans faced his fair share of criticism after the Maroons lost Game 2 26-0 to hand the Origin series over to the Blues.

However, captain Manly was back at his best with a brilliant performance against the Bulldogs at Bankwest Stadium.

Tom Trbojevic was also brilliant, but Michael Ennis and Cooper Cronk believe Cherry-Evans’ long passing game was essential in giving the Sea Eagles outside full-backs a chance to go wild.

“The highlight of the first half was DCE’s long assist,” said Cronk.

“36-0 and DCE and Tommy Turbo are going wild,” Ennis said at halftime.

“The support in the middle as you would expect from the DCE class and Tommy was too much to handle.”

Cherry-Evans finished with 40 yards of running, two tackle stops, two offloads, four assists and two assists.

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